My story so far...

Hello! I'm Cecilie, I set up my business a decade ago following a variety of life changing events. Now I support others who wants to get in better shape for life, both physically and mentally.

Just over 15 years ago I saw a Life Coach (which wasn't very common back then and I really wish I'd remember who suggested it!). I wasn't happy in my job and felt I lacked direction and a sense of purpose. I thought I'd come away with a new career direction but after a 10 week programme and a lot of soul searching I decided that my job was perfect for the time being (which it was) and what I actually wanted was a dog (who still with me today!). The dog (Lotti) gave me a sense of purpose, got me fit and connected to nature. She has been my rock for 15 years and helped me through divorce, redundancy, single parenting, relocating and losing loved ones. My point being that what we think we want isn't always what we need and sometimes it takes someone else to ask the right questions for you to figure things out. The answers are sometimes surprising as you start to realise that what you thought you should want isn't what you actually want. 

So why am I so passionate about the body, the mind and how it all works together? My life changed completely in my 30s, I felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath my feet. Within a few months I had no husband, no job and no extended family (my family is in Norway!). I did however have two very young children and a young and very energetic dog. This really wasn't part of the plan and it caught me completely off guard. Not great for someone who's a bit of a stress head and a perfectionist. To make a long story short, I learnt that our bodies and minds are malleable, they can (and will) change and adapt in response to how they are being used. We are not a result of our age but of our habits, and habits can change. 

Some people are lucky that they are naturally optimistic and resilient, I wasn't one of those. I had to learn the hard way that feeling sorry for myself and blaming others wasn't helping. I was sporty and health conscious but I wasn't truly healthy and I certainly wasn't happy. The fact that I've had to work really hard to make changes means that I can empathise with all of you who feel like it's a mountain too high to climb (the mountain looks a lot smaller when you stand next to a friend, which has been scientifically proven!).

What followed was a complete change of direction and career. It was pretty daunting at times and starting from scratch, on many levels, was one of the hardest things I've done. However, it was also extremely liberating. Things can change, you can change. You just need someone by your side to guide and support you and that's exactly what I'd like to do for you. Contact me for a chat!

If I was to simplify health down to the basics, I believe there are 3 pillars to good health; sleep, nutrition and movement (however, areas such as relaxation, connection and purpose is also hugely important and often overlooked). According to Matthew Walker, a well known neuroscientist, sleep is the foundation of which the other pillars rest. Ultimately however, all the pillars need to be addressed if you are serious about wanting to look after your health and wellbeing and with the goal of longevity in mind. 

Through my current Health Coaching course with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)  I have been able to bring all these areas together to offer Health Coaching - building on my expertise and passion around movement, my Life Coaching background, and now adding nutrition. Offering a rounded service aimed at making health and wellbeing easy and accessible to all.

Before I had a change in direction I spent my 20s and early 30s in the corporate environment, with jobs in market research, business analysis and sales for a big global brand. Dealing with clients, colleagues, suppliers etc is fascinating. Working out people's motivation and what makes them tick is key to being able to successfully navigate the balance between getting your job done and keeping your stakeholders happy. Understanding your clients' needs and making them feel special was as relevant then as it is now. Under promise and over deliver used to be my mantra and I became a very successful sales manager.

I take my corporate background and my new focus with me when I do workshops for companies who want to invest in the wellbeing of their employees. I'm fortunate to have a very broad experience and background and it gives me the ability to connect with a variety of people.


Self employed - from 2010

Currently in training - Health Coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

Various continuous professional development courses including Pregnancy, Osteoporosis, Anatomy and annual conventions

2019 Katy Bowman on the mat, Cambridge

2019 MovNat Trainer

2018 Move Your DNA, Kent

2014 Hypnosis Practitioner, Evolution Training, Oving

2013 NLP Practitioner & Life Coach, Evolution Training, Oving

2013 Lightning Process, Eartham

2012 Managing Low Back Pain (Level 4), Pilates Training Solutions, Farnham

2010 Pilates Instructor Certificate (Level 3), Pilates Institute, London


Corporate career and education:

2001-2010  LEGO - roles included Business Analyst, Area Manager and lastly Key Account Manager

1999-2001 GfK Marketing Services - Account Manager

1996-1999 BSc (Hon's) International Management, University of Surrey


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