My story so far...

I think everyone comes to a point in their lives when they no longer can take certain things for granted. It doesn't have to be anything big but you realise that you need to look after yourself differently. I love the saying ‘aging is natural, growing old is optional’. Our bodies and minds are forever changing and adapting, whether you want them to or not. What I find so exciting is that you can influence this change much more than you might think. We are not the results of our age but of our habits.

I want to help people look at their own habits and if they are not working well for them, show them how they can be changed.

"I have been working with Cecilie since January on a one to one basis, after my GP recommended Pilates due to my core muscles not working as they should. I am asthmatic and this was causing me pain at times when my breathing was laboured. I also suffered with a lot of joint pain during and after activity. Since working through the exercises Cecilie has tailored for me, my breathing has improved and the joint pain has almost disappeared. I find the exercises have a calming effect. I enjoy the sessions and Cecile is very good at explaining the moves and keeping it to the level at which I am comfortable, the homework she sends me after each session is clearly explained and I would recommend her to anyone." Rachel, West Sussex

So why am I so passionate about the body, the mind and how it all works together? My life changed completely in my 30s and I realised that I had to take more responsibility for my health and wellbeing. I've always been sporty and health conscious but with the new challenges in my life I realised that true health is so much more than a relatively healthy looking body. What followed was a complete change of direction and career. It was pretty daunting at times and starting from scratch, on many levels, was one of the hardest things I've done. However, it was also extremely liberating to realise that you are so much more influential in you life than you think. Our bodies and minds are malleable, they can (and will) change and adapt in response to how they are being used. I am still growing and developing and my goal is to help people learn to take responsibility for their own health, in body and mind. Support from clinicians, family and friends is invaluable at points but ultimately creating change comes from within.

I took up pilates first and foremost as an alternative to my regular exercise when I got pregnant and I soon discovered that this was more than just a regular form of exercise. The focus on the mind controlling the movement and the importance of breath was completely new to me. How could something as simple as the breath have such a big impact on your mood and your movement? Joseph Pilates, the man who created Pilates (or 'Contrology' as it used to be called), was a fascinating man with a big vision. He talked about how "we must constantly strive to acquire a strong, healthy body and develop our minds to the limits of our ability'. I couldn't agree more, this sentiment is the cornerstone of my approach with Core Coaching & Pilates.

I strongly believe there are 3 pillars to good health; sleep, nutrition and movement. Though all equally vital, my expertise and my passion revolves around the latter. Lots of people find the idea of structured exercise daunting. My goal is to show you how you can manage your own health without having to join a gym, invest in expensive equipment, find lots of extra time to do so etc. Increasing your movement and making choices for your wellbeing simply requires a slightly different approach and adjusting your mindset. I love the outdoors,  especially long walks with my dogs. I walk, sprint, hang in trees and generally make to most of nature to move my body as much as possible. That way, I never need to go to the gym for my 'movement nutrition'. 

"Cecilie Jacobsen has been coaching me through a very difficult time in my life. We have been meeting for a few weeks now and with her gentle, constructive, and sometimes challenging guidance I have found life becoming calmer, more balanced and with a more positive view of the future. Cecilie has many techniques to help you help yourself. I feel very safe and comfortable in her company and now feel there is a future for me." Jane G, West Sussex

Health, fitness and a curiosity about how the body works has always played a major role in my life. More recently, the wider aspect of movement as opposed to 'just' exercise has had a big impact on how I live my life. I have been active since a teenager and enjoyed everything from Horse Riding to Tae Kwon Do and Running. Feeling ‘the burn’ used to be one of the main motivating factors, but that has changed as I have gone through two pregnancies and more recently entered my forties. I now appreciate that there are lots of different ways of using the body and, while some might be great fun, they don't necessarily promote longevity. I still really enjoy a physical challenge but I try to incorporate movements that are useful for the long term, like being able to squat to the floor and pull my body weight up from a hanging position.

Pilates had me hooked very quickly, I decided to train as an instructor myself and did so with the Pilates Institute in London in 2010. I hold a CYQ level 3 qualification which is the highest level within Pilates. I have since qualified with a level 4 certificate in 'Exercise and Management of Lower Back Pain (LBP)'. What was meant to be "just a hobby" quickly developed, I left my job as a sales manager and set up my own business as a Pilates instructor. My fascination with anatomy and physiology has only deepened. I have become increasingly interested in how we use our bodies on a daily basis and the impact this has on our health as well as fitness . Many of my clients have varying degrees of chronic pain and I regularly see how exercise as well as mindset can help them manage their pain and in some cases get rid of it completely.

Going through a few life changing events in my early 30s meant I experienced first hand the impact the mind has on the body and vice versa. It took me on a journey of self discovery and growth. I completed a Lightening Process course, trained as a NLP (Neuro Lingustic Programming) Practitioner and eventually as a Life Coach. It might not always seem obvious but to move towards better health, you really need to address both the body and the mind in equal measure. My Pilates and Life Coaching training, alongside my own physical and psychological journey has provided me with a varied skill set which I can draw on according to who I'm seeing and what they want to achieve. 

I never want to stop learning. I regularly attend workshops in London to enhance my teaching and keep up to date with latest research and developments.

"My sessions with Cecilie gave me confidence and left me feeling much more able to cope with the unexpected. I often struggle with a lack of motivation and I now find it much easier to achieve the tasks I would usually put off. Cecilie is professional but very approachable and easy to talk to. I would, without reservation, recommend Cecilie as an NLP Coach", Zara, West Sussex

Before I had a change in direction I spent my 20s and early 30s in the corporate environment, with jobs in market research, business analysis and sales for a big global brand. Dealing with clients, colleagues, suppliers etc is fascinating. Working out people's motivation and what makes them tick is key to being able to successfully navigate the balance between getting your job done and keeping your stakeholders happy. Understanding your clients needs and making them feel special was as relevant then as it is now. Under promise and over deliver used to be my mantra and I became a very successful sales manager.

I take my corporate background and my new focus with me when I do workshops for companies who want to invest in the wellbeing of their employees. I'm fortunate to have a very broad experience and background and it gives me the ability to connect with a variety of people.

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