Pilates Classes

Moving our bodies is key to being healthy and all too often people lead very sedentary lives. The misconception is unfortunately that, as long as you exercise a couple of times a week, you are active.

We spend on average 9-12 hours sitting per day so to really make an impact you need to do things differently and find a way of moving your body more (and more of your body) during the day. Changing patterns of behaviour and/or movement can be difficult and the story you tell yourself (i.e. the thoughts, values and beliefs behind the choices you make) is critical to your success. Taking up Pilates is a great way to use your body mindfully and it helps to create the awareness that is essential to moving better. You will become stronger, more mobile, have better balance and coordination and it will help you to do your daily tasks with more ease. You will start to appreciate that to get the best out of your body and it's performance you need to engage your mind and let the two work together.

There is a big variety of ages, abilities and fitness levels in my classes, and I love that. My goal is to make sure that everyone comes out of the class feeling great. I hope my clients feel like they have used their bodies in a challenging and mindful way, that they have been seen and that they have learnt something about the way they move and hold themselves. My favourite saying is 'you are the sum of everything you do'. It brings me so much joy to see my clients take what they have learnt in class with them and incorporate their learning into everyday life. That's when the magic truly happens.

Wear clothing you are comfortable to move around in and bring your own mat if you have one (for the Village Hall classes). I do have some spare mats and pads but feel free to bring a towel you can roll up and use as a prop. The more you practice the quicker you will see and feel the results. One class a week is great but if you can do two, even better. If committing to more than one class a week is too challenging, make sure you practice in between classes. I have created a few short videos that you can have access to for your own practice at home.

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