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"Cecilie's coaching has been incredibly helpful in guiding me toward achieving several important life goals. She is clearly highly knowledgeable and skilled in the theoretical aspects of her practice, but is in no way formulaic - she structures each session spontaneously in reaction to issues or ideas which arise at the time. She is warm and humorous, with an infectious enthusiasm which leaves the client feeling positive and energised. She is also highly insightful and intuitive, with excellent communication skills. I am grateful for her skill and care, and am eagerly looking forward to my new life!" Dr. S Hughes, Hampshire

I'm available for group coaching/workshops. Call Cecilie on 07769641886 or contact me using the enquiry form

Before I changed my career I spent 12 years working in the corporate world in account management, business analysis and sales management. My last job before I changed direction was a sales manager for one of the most iconic brands in the toy industry. The sales job was a great combination of managing client relationships, internal customers and analysis. Dealing with clients, colleagues, suppliers etc is fascinating. Working out people's motivation and what makes them tick is key to being able to successfully navigate the balance between getting your job done and keeping your stakeholders happy. Understanding your clients needs and making them feel special was as relevant then as it is now. Under promise and over deliver used to be my mantra and I became a very successful sales manager.

I take my corporate background and my new focus with me when I do workshops for companies who want to invest in the wellbeing of their employees. I'm fortunate to have a very broad experience and background and it gives me the ability to connect with a variety of people. Working in an office can be very sedentary and challenging. Regardless of how fulfilling your job is, it inevitably involves dealing with people you don't get on with, sitting in chairs (a lot), wearing uncomfortable shoes, minimal movements, frequent birthday cakes and a canteen full of unhealthy options.

I am Norwegian and have been brought up valuing the importance of having a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Typically the working day is shorter in Norway and people spend more time outdoors despite the weather and, at times of the year, the dark. Sometimes our circumstances make it difficult for us to lead the life we desire. There is however,  so much we can do that is within our control and that is what my workshops are all about. I have a practical approach to life and I believe a sense of humour is essential. 

My sessions are informal, interactive, informative, professional and fun. The workshops are mainly aimed at organisations who want to look after their employees and offer them something that is going to improve their lives, at work and beyond. With these workshops I love to combine the movement element (i.e. how can you move more while at work and still being productive) with issues such as dealing with stress, managing difficult colleagues/clients and the impact of the language you use. It seems obvious but we really are a lot more influential in our lives than we think. The workshops are tailored to individual requirements but typically range from 1 hour to 1/2 day.

I have felt the physical effects of coping with the challenges of life. When I studied for the 'Specialist Instructor Certificate' in Low Back Pain Management it became even more apparent to me how important it is to understand how the mind works in times of stress/pain etc. I was introduced to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis and quickly realised how powerful the techniques are in all aspects of life, both at work and at home.  From our own health and wellbeing perspective this is fascinating and inspiring.  From a business perspective, using this information to your advantage can make the difference between having a successful team or not. Our attitude and approach will determine our success in life. Give yourself or your team the best chance of success with an open mind and a willingness to learn.  

I'm a certified Life Coach, Pilates Instructor and Teacher of Movement. My Pilates and Life Coaching training, alongside my own physical and psychological journey has provided me with a varied skill set which I can draw on according to who I'm seeing and what they want to achieve. 

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